Universal Appeal

Cloud Based Software

Using the latest cloud based technology, we give you the ultimate reliability. With us, there is no single point of failure. If one register goes down, it doesn’t affect the other ones. You can keep checking people out even during an internet outage. Offline mode transaction data automatically syncs to the cloud as soon as the internet is restored. Plus, you have access to all the latest features and functions as soon as automatic updates are made so you’re always on the latest version of the software.



Ideal for numerous retail verticals and Counter Serv/Quick Serv Restaurants, our POS software runs on virtually any Windows device as well as both stationary and mobile POS devices. It can be used wireless, wired, or as a combination of both.

Specialized Features

We feature a large matrix for style, color, size, etc. Customizable or standard label printing makes getting your products on the floor a breeze. Our “Add New Product Wizard” autofills item descriptions for most products with just a bar code scan. We also support modifiers and integrate to scales. Make it easy on your cashiers by easily creating custom screens.

Useful Business Management Tool

Check sales in real time from anywhere in the world and manage your inventory across locations. Our QuickBooks integration and employee timekeeping features give you less things to worry about. Track sales by category, time, or cashier and see who’s clocked in at so that you can create relevant POs and make informed staffing decisions.