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The baking world is often hectic and always detail oriented. You need a feature rich POS software that can simplify the process of getting products from your bakery into the hands of satisfied customers.


Merchant Advantage POS helps you build customer loyalty, make orders efficiently and correctly, and customize your screens into useful tools for order taking.



Know Your Customers

Getting to know your customers is important and can be a very rewarding experience. Enhance your customer service by capturing customer data with every transaction. Use email and ship to addresses to communicate with your customers and serve them better. Track their order history and customize their offerings as well as alert them to upcoming events or promotions. Reward their loyalty by tracking visits and purchase dollars.


Get It Right the First Time

With Merchant Advantage POS, you get reliable kitchen printing-up to 9 KPs. This helps your baking crew know exactly what to make and when. Take advantage of the many modifiers you can use to help your staff make every order correctly and on time. We know that you get a lot of call in orders so you can store these and your quotes until they’re ready for pick up and check out.


Tailor Made

It’s easy to create custom screens to have exactly what you want where it’s easy for your cashiers to get to. Every bakery does things in its own unique way. Our Restaurant POS software supports your diversity and gives you the ability to track sales by item, cashier, and time of day. You can also manage your inventory right down to the last ingredient, across multiple locations, from anywhere.

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