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Running a coffee shop can be a challenge due to all of the individual drink order details customers make on a daily basis. Coffee is highly specialized product and calls for a POS software that can differentiate between a mocha java latte and a simple iced coffee. In this quick turnaround environment, it’s important that cashiers be able to find what they need quickly and that the barista staff gets all of the details of the order upfront.



Make It Your Own

You want to create a custom screen to make things easier on your cashiers. Not a problem! Merchant Advantage POS makes it super easy to build custom  screens and use them. You want some important sales data done a certain way just for you? Track sales by cashier, item, or time of day so that you can make informed decisions about your staff, inventory, and hours.

Enjoy Happy Customers

If there’s one things people get upset about, it’s their coffee coming out wrong. To be sure that this doesn’t happen in your shop, you need a restaurant POS software that gives you reliable order printing. Not only that, but you need lots of modifiers for the cashiers to ring up orders correctly. Our point of sale software allows you to prevent incorrect orders and enhance your customers’ experiences by providing plenty of modifiers and order printing that you can rely on.

Create Brand Loyalty

Getting to know your customers is important and can be a very rewarding experience. Enhance your customer service by capturing customer data with every transaction. Use email to communicate with your customers and serve them better. Track their order history and customize their offerings as well as alert them to upcoming events or promotions. Reward their loyalty by tracking visits and purchase dollars.

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