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Take your concession business to the next level with Merchant Advantage POS. Whatever you’re selling, our versatile, customizable POS software will help keep your lines moving, help you manage your inventory, and provide you with instantaneous reporting. Multiple screen configurations are assignable by station. Combine mobile and stationary checkout stations. Far more flexible than server based POS systems.


Keep Your Lines Moving

You want to lay out your screens in a way that makes it easy for your cashiers to find product quickly. Not a problem! It’s easy to create custom screens with this restaurant POS software. Find what you’re looking for quickly with unlimited modifiers.

An Affordable Choice

With our cloud based POS software, there are no huge upfront fees for a license. You pay an affordable monthly subscription fee for cutting edge technology. There are no hoops to jump through and no long term contracts to sign. With cloud based subscription software, you not only never have to pay for an version upgrade, but you’re always on the latest version of the software every morning when you open for business. You will always have access to the latest functions and features as soon as we add them at no additional charge.

Control Your Inventory

You need to know inventory detail, what’s selling and what’s needs to be closed out. Merchant Advantage POS allows you to control your complete inventory including positive stock transfer control across multiple locations, viewable from anywhere you have an internet connection. PO creation is aided by stock level or sales volume by date range reporting. The whole process is streamlined and saves you time, hassle, and money.

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