Gift Shop



Running a gift shop is hard work! You need a Retail POS software that will manage inventory, track sales across departments, and help build customer loyalty.


Merchant Advantage POS has got you covered with intuitive and versatile software that’s totally customizable for your unique business needs. All of this for a price that you can afford.


Improve Customer Relations

Getting to know your customers is key when running a gift shop. Much of your business could come from repeat customers if you have built strong connections and developed customer loyalty. Our POS software lets you easily capture customer data with every transaction. Use email addresses to communicate with your customers and store ship to addresses to make a positive impression. You can track order history and customize customer offerings as well as alert them to upcoming events or promotions. Merchant Advantage POS makes it simple to reward customer loyalty by tracking visits and purchase dollars.

Smart Inventory Management

One of the most important things you have to do to keep your gift shop running smoothly is manage your inventory. Our Retail POS software makes adding new products a snap. The “Add New Product Wizard” autofills the item descriptions for most products with just a barcode scan. Then, use your custom or standard label printer to get your products ready and out on the shelves in no time. You can view and manage your complete inventory across multiple locations from anywhere you have an internet connection. Generate POs based on sales or stock levels.

Track Sales

You need to know what’s hot and what’s not to keep your gift shop flourishing. See sales in real time from anywhere in the world! Use our cutting edge POS software to track your sales by item, department, cashier, or hour. Use this data to make important decisions about ordering, discounts, staff, and store hours.