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You make the best sandwiches around and you want a Restaurant POS software that can manage inventory, make sure orders are done right the first time, and not spend a fortune doing it. Merchant Advantage POS makes all of this possible and more.


Smart Inventory Management

One of the most important things you have to do to keep your sandwich shop running smoothly is manage your inventory. Our Restaurant POS software makes adding new products a snap. The “Add New Product Wizard” autofills the item descriptions for most products with just a barcode scan. Then, use your custom or standard label printer to get your products ready and out on the shelves in no time. You can view and manage your complete inventory down to the last ingredient across multiple locations from anywhere you have an internet connection. Generate POs based on sales or stock levels.


Made To Order

As a sandwich shop, the last thing you want to happen is for a customer’s order to come out wrong. You need reliable kitchen printing and enough modifiers to get the order right the first time. Merchant Advantage POS supports up to 9 KPs for reliable kitchen printing and a variety of modifiers. Easy to build custom screens put the products you need most where your cashiers can quickly find them. Plus, you can store call-in orders until they are ready for pick up and check out with this comprehensive Restaurant POS software.


An Affordable Choice

Merchant Advantage POS gives you everything you need in a POS software that won’t break the bank. With our cloud based software, there are no huge upfront fees for a license. You pay an affordable monthly subscription fee for cutting edge technology. There are no hoops to jump through and no long term contracts to sign. Because we are on the cloud, you will never have to pay for an upgrade fee or version update of the software. You will always have access to the latest functions and features as soon as we add them at no additional charge.

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