Wine, Beer, Liquor Stores



There are so many different types of alcohol and so many different brands to keep up with! That’s why you need a powerful POS software to help you keep track.


Merchant Advantage POS can help you manage your inventory and ordering system as well as track sales across departments to streamline the juggling act of keeping it all running smoothly.


Track Sales by Departments

You need to know what’s hot and what’s not to keep your store flourishing. See sales in real time from anywhere you have an internet connection-even on your phone! Use our cutting edge POS software to track your sales by department, category, item, cashier, or hour. Use this data to make important decisions about ordering, discounts, staff, and store hours.

Smart Inventory Management

One of the most important things you have to do to keep your store running smoothly is manage your inventory. Our Retail POS software makes adding new products a quick and easy. The “Add New Product Wizard” autofills the item descriptions for most products with just a barcode scan. Then, use your custom or standard label printer to get your products ready and out on the shelves in no time. You can view and manage your complete inventory in real time across multiple locations from anywhere in the world!. Generate POs based on sales or stock levels.



You need to know inventory detail, what’s selling and what’s needs to be closed out. Merchant Advantage POS allows you to control your complete inventory including positive stock transfer control across multiple locations, viewable from anywhere you have an internet connection. PO creation is aided by stock level or sales volume by date range reporting. The whole process is streamlined and saves you time, hassle, and money.

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