Do you want a POS software product that delivers reliability, integration, and flexibility? Merchant Advantage POS is the cutting edge software created with YOU in mind. Specifically designed to fit the unique needs of your business, our POS software is customizable, reliable, and works on virtually any Windows environment. Manage inventory, sales, staffing, and customer experience all with this one dynamic tool.

Work Smarter

Autofill most item description with a simple barcode scan. Custom print labels to get your products on the shelves asap. Our large matrix for style, size, color, etc. is ideal for Retail stores. Get Quick Serv orders right the first time by using our variety of modifiers and custom screens.

Tune in to the Cloud

Keep checking people out even during an internet outage. Offline mode transaction data automatically syncs with the cloud as soon as internet is restored. Access new functions and features automatically every time the software is updated.

Manage your assets

Streamline your business with QuickBooks integration and employee timekeeping. Control your complete inventory across locations. Receive accurate closeout reports sent to your email. Check sales in real time from anywhere in the world.

Keep the change.

There are no huge upfront fees for our subscription based POS software. Affordably priced, you will never pay version upgrade fees or sign long term contracts.



Simply click on “Request a Demo” and complete the form. We will have the local dealer nearest to your location contact you.
Merchant Advantage POS is a subscription software. You do not buy a software license but you subscribe to the software, eliminating huge upfront license fees and giving you all the benefits of a cloud based software, all with no long term commitments.
Yes, it performs all the normal functions of inventory tracking plus the system maintains positive tracking control of all inter-store transfers in a multi-store environment. Even without an Enterprise level subscription, you can view item inventory in all stores from any store, including inventory by matrix sizes. PO generation and receiving by PO quickly adds inventory to the system.
Yes, there are up to 168 total categories available across 8 different master departments. With up to 16 categories available per department you can track sales in finite groups as well as by item, vendor and cashier.
Yes, Merchant Advantage POS is presently certified and performing chip card transactions, as well as NFC transactions (like Apple Pay, etc) on the Verifone VX805 PINPad.
Yes, signature capture and the ability to store receipts is built into the system. In addition the signature capture tablet can double as a customer display as the sale is being rung up, then the screen changes to provide the signature line for signing when the credit card is swiped.
  • Merchant Advantage POS has extensive reporting in multiple areas. The report menu in the back office portion of the menu provides for detailed sales reporting by item, vendor, category, department and cashier, all by selectable date range. Employee time clock reporting is also available.
  • In addition, extensive reporting is also available at the customer portal. Here you can see up to the minute detailed sales reporting from any computer with an internet connection.
  • You can also customize automated reporting with our DropBox interface. This allows you to install a file on any specific computers across multiple locations allowing access to unlimited end of day data that is then accessible even when the computer has no internet connection.
We know of no limit yet. We have computer tested 1 million items in 1,000 stores with 50 checkout stations each.